My strong desire for a change of scenery was one of the many reasons why I joined the Peace Corps. I’ve lived most of my life in a fairly routined fashion, and I realized that I wouldn’t be able to blossom into a professional adult without a more comprehensive view of the world around me. We Peace Corps Volunteers are thrown into lives quite unlike the ones in which we were raised. We’re living in new lands where the security of our childhood homes and our parents’ embraces are thousands of miles away. Ultimately, we’re challenged to step beyond our comfort zones in order to develop relationships with new people and make positive impacts in their lives. By writing down my personal and professional goals, I’ll be able to visualize what I aspire to achieve in-country.

Personal Goals

Become conversational in Moroccan Arabic

Learn to cook

Read 100 books in-country

Visit as many museums as I can

Take up a new hobby

Maintain a healthy mind and body

Exercise daily

Make time to listen to my favorite podcasts

Write at least one blog post per week

Explore my community

Attend a wedding

Skype often with friends and family from back home

Befriend Moroccans

Floss my teeth EVERY SINGLE DAY

Start my own garden

Learn a local dance

Study for the GRE

Study Spanish

Professional Goals

Help students with English homework

Have tea with Moroccan friends weekly

Start a club for local high school students

Give a health seminar to local health professionals

Host a GLOW (Girls Leading Our World) Camp

Have at least one conversation in Arabic per day

Develop relationships with my neighbors

Give swimming lessons to my community

Help my coworkers improve their English

Write a grant

Participate in Write On! with my students

Host a community health fair

Coach a school sports team

Start a book club

Develop a mobile library

Collaborate with Let Girls Learn

Work with Project SOAR

Apply for graduate school



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