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Hello, friends from near and far!

Thanks for exploring my blog. I love hearing from you, so shoot me an email with every comment, question, or concern you have. If you found a cool article, send it my way! If you just want to tell me about your day, I’ll tell you about mine! If you’re feeling adventurous and old school, please feel free to write me a letter or send a package. Snail mail takes time and thought, and it means so much that you take the time to write, pack, and address each special gift. Please consider using my Wish List for inspiration. I truly appreciate each and every one of you.

Snail Mail:

If you’d like to send mail, please ask for my address via the comment box below.

  • Consider mailing your package via USPS. Their flat rate box is a fantastic option and has no weight limit.
  • Fill the package to the brim, especially if you have no weight limit. Extra space can easily be stuffed by a little of this and a little of that (I’m thinking ziplock bags of trail mix??).
  • Write “Airmail” or “Par avion” on everything. Airmail is a transportation service that’s branded and sold on the basis of airborne delivery. It essentially prevents mail from waiting weeks to be delivered via ship.
  • Customs will ask you to list your items and the total cost of the package. I highly suggest that you lie through your teeth write something ambiguous like “Office Supplies,” or “Used Clothing,” and declare the value of the package to be as close to $0 as possible. They might go through the package, so PLEASE don’t send anything of significant value.



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