How to Love Your Libraries from Abroad

How to Love Your Public Libraries from Abroad

Public Libraries.

They are accessible to the general public; they are funded by the general public, and the card beneath my henna-stained nail is the key to more knowledge and entertainment than you’ll ever need. Read More

Peace Corps Service: 22% Loaded

Peace Corps Service: 22% Loaded

Six months ago, I left the only home I had ever known to seek a stark, new life for myself—an intrepid act that I will probably never completely understand. The vision of my mom sobbing into my dad’s chest as I crossed the threshold into this new reality haunted me for days. “What am I doing? How could I possibly put my family through this,” I thought to myself as I boarded my one-way flight. Read More

The Paper Trail Is Rocky

On September 24th, 2015, everything changed:

It was the day I received my Peace Corps Ecuador invitation. I was overwhelmed with such tremendous elation that I didn’t even stop to consider what would come next. Little did I know that for almost three months, I would be led down the most jarring bureaucratic trail that I had ever experienced. Granted, I’m only 21 years old, so perhaps I haven’t been alive long enough to gain familiarity with daunting paperwork and endless appointments. Nonetheless, the enormity of my to-do list would have made anyone’s head spin. Read More

Peace Corps Acronyms: The List is Lofty

As a way for me to promote the Peace Corps Third Goal, and as a way for me to assist future Peace Corps Volunteers with learning common (and uncommon) Peace Corps jargon, I’ve decided to make a (mostly) comprehensive list of the organization’s acronyms. By scrolling through this list, you will easily come to realize that the Peace Corps LOVES acronyms. I’m not exactly sure why, but if I had to guess, the organization is trying to create its own secret language. A word of caution, this list may appear overwhelming, but if you’re considering Peace Corps service, then you’ll get to know most of these terms quite well. Read More

Peace Corps Invitation - When the Enormous To-Do List Kills the Mood

When the Enormous To-Do List Kills the Mood

The Peace Corps requires a lot out of you once you accept your invitation. As soon as the thrill of becoming a Peace Corps Invitee wears off, the real work begins. I haven’t even begun the tasks required for medical or legal clearance, and I’ve already completed a massive list of undertakings. Read More