Eating Well on Eight Dollars a Week

Eating Well on Eight Dollars

Every Thursday, I walk the half-mile between my house and my village’s weekly souk for groceries and other household items. A souk is an open-air bazaar similar to a farmers market, and it’s essentially a one stop shop for most needs. Whether you want a chicken for lunch—which WILL have its throat slit in front of you—or a new couch (called a ponj) for your living room (called a salon), the souk is your best bet for a good deal—as long as you’re willing to haggle. Read More

On Moroccan Bathhouses and Loving Myself

On Moroccan Bathhouses and Loving Myself

Like many young women in their early twenties, I struggle with body image and the harsh constraints of Western beauty standards. For years, I was too hard on myself for eating that cookie, or for enjoying two scoops of ice cream—convincing myself that the reason for my fastidiousness toward food was for my own health. It’s a constant roar of guilt in the back of my mind, and since coming to Morocco, I’ve learned to silence the roar—or at least reduce the volume. Read More

First few weeks in Morocco

Shwiya b-Shwiya

“Shwiya b-Shwiya,” the airport worker said to me as I pathetically tried to make conversation with him on my first day in-country. “Little by little” is the direct translation, and numerous Moroccans have used this phrase with me since I arrived here. In Moroccan Arabic, or Darija, this phrase represents more than just its literal translation: it ultimately represents the humble pace of Moroccan life. For me, “Shwiya b-Shwiya” is more than just a popular phrase in Darija; it’s an all-encompassing philosophy for Peace Corps life. Read More

Sounds from the Field

If you’re like me, then you need music to do essentially everything. Everyday activities like going on a run or cleaning a room are made remarkably easy with a soundtrack. Interestingly, the Peace Corps has its own Spotify page, complete with two soundtracks that probably embody your service more than you ever thought possible. Enjoy your favorite obscure indie bands when taking a hike (a la Beirut), but also indulge in a little Beyoncé when you’re feeling feisty. My service hasn’t even begun yet, and I already love these playlists. To quote the wise Aziz Ansari, “Treat. Yo. Self.” Read More

Peace Corps Acronyms: The List is Lofty

As a way for me to promote the Peace Corps Third Goal, and as a way for me to assist future Peace Corps Volunteers with learning common (and uncommon) Peace Corps jargon, I’ve decided to make a (mostly) comprehensive list of the organization’s acronyms. By scrolling through this list, you will easily come to realize that the Peace Corps LOVES acronyms. I’m not exactly sure why, but if I had to guess, the organization is trying to create its own secret language. A word of caution, this list may appear overwhelming, but if you’re considering Peace Corps service, then you’ll get to know most of these terms quite well. Read More