New Peace Corps Volunteers - 106 New U.S. Peace Corps Volunteers to Serve in Morocco

106 New U.S. Peace Corps Volunteers to Serve in Morocco

After twelve weeks of training and bathing minimally, I finally swore in on Friday, December 9th, as a bonafide Peace Corps Volunteer. I’m nervous for the two years ahead, but life really is zween. Read More

Moroccan Elections

Morocco Election: Everything You Need to Know

The Kingdom of Morocco has a multi-party system, with several parties ranging from far-leftist to Islamist. Its legislative election occurred yesterday, and let me just say, the hype was REAL. Our cohort had a meeting in Meknes on Thursday, and the streets were jam-packed: young men hung out of cars, people of all ages tossed fliers, and an overall feeling of enthusiasm filled the air. Despite the excitement I witnessed, only around 40% of registered voters cast their ballots in this election. An article written by Ahmed El Amraoui of Al Jazeera explains the election in a generally unbiased manner, so I thought I’d share it with you. It was written prior to the election, but it explains Moroccan politics incredibly well. If you’re looking for a spoiler alert, the Islamic Justice and Development Party (PJD) won, and it has been running a coalition government since 2011. Peace Corps is apolitical, so I won’t be sharing any of my own opinions. However, I encourage you to read this article, then explore the list of Moroccan political parties at the bottom of the page. Chukran bzaf! Read More

Peace Corps Director Announces 40-Year High in Applications

This was originally posted today on the Peace Corps website, but I thought I’d share it here, too. The Peace Corps has been around for 55 years, yet this year, the organization received almost 23,000 applications–the largest number of applications they have procured in 40 years! Read More