Fifteen Months Later

15 months it has been.

15 months since I pressed submit.

15 months since I applied.

Over the past 15 months, not an hour has gone by where Peace Corps hasn’t crossed my mind. In these past 15 months, I’ve experienced tears of joy, tears of loss, and tears of confusion. I was assigned to the country of my dreams, then just weeks before my departure date, I was reassigned to a place where I never really pictured myself. Of course I was devastated by such an abrupt reassignment, but now that I’ve had time to ponder my situation, I really can’t imagine going anywhere else. I was comfortable with South America–perhaps too comfortable. I understand Spanish; I understand Catholicism; I believe that I at least sort of understand Ecuador. Read More

Posh Corps Documentary

Debunking “Posh Corps”

For the past six months, I’ve had nothing but immense support behind my decision to serve as a Peace Corps Volunteer. Sure, my friends have begged me not to go, but these statements are generally a means for them to express their love, rather than actual expressions of desperation. It was only recently that I experienced my first negative Peace Corps encounter. I ran into an old acquaintance at a bar, and when she drunkenly stumbled up to me, this is the conversation that ensued: Read More

The Paper Trail Is Rocky

On September 24th, 2015, everything changed:

It was the day I received my Peace Corps Ecuador invitation. I was overwhelmed with such tremendous elation that I didn’t even stop to consider what would come next. Little did I know that for almost three months, I would be led down the most jarring bureaucratic trail that I had ever experienced. Granted, I’m only 21 years old, so perhaps I haven’t been alive long enough to gain familiarity with daunting paperwork and endless appointments. Nonetheless, the enormity of my to-do list would have made anyone’s head spin. Read More

Peace Corps Acronyms: The List is Lofty

As a way for me to promote the Peace Corps Third Goal, and as a way for me to assist future Peace Corps Volunteers with learning common (and uncommon) Peace Corps jargon, I’ve decided to make a (mostly) comprehensive list of the organization’s acronyms. By scrolling through this list, you will easily come to realize that the Peace Corps LOVES acronyms. I’m not exactly sure why, but if I had to guess, the organization is trying to create its own secret language. A word of caution, this list may appear overwhelming, but if you’re considering Peace Corps service, then you’ll get to know most of these terms quite well. Read More

Peace Corps Invitation - When the Enormous To-Do List Kills the Mood

When the Enormous To-Do List Kills the Mood

The Peace Corps requires a lot out of you once you accept your invitation. As soon as the thrill of becoming a Peace Corps Invitee wears off, the real work begins. I haven’t even begun the tasks required for medical or legal clearance, and I’ve already completed a massive list of undertakings. Read More