Original Peace Corps Volunteers

Fifty-Five Years of Peace Corps: Memories and Musings from the First Generation of Volunteers

I’ve always considered myself lucky; lucky to be healthy, lucky to have a college education, lucky for a great group of friends–but especially lucky to have a wildly fascinating and worldly family. Growing up, it wasn’t uncommon for me to walk into a room and hear bizarre tales of strange foods or bouts of [insert exotic illness]. I know that we ultimately blaze our own trails in life, but I’m a firm believer that your childhood environment sets you up for said trails. Read More

Let Girls Learn

Letting Even More Girls Learn: The Peace Corps Announces Twenty-Three New ‘Let Girls Learn’ Countries

In 2015, First Lady Michelle Obama and the Peace Corps formed a powerful collaboration called Let Girls Learn. It has successfully shed light on the fact that globally, 62 million girls are not in school, with less than 10% of teenage girls completing secondary school in some countries. The Let Girls Learn initiative has empowered local leaders to put lasting solutions in place, and Peace Corps Volunteers have worked at the grassroots level as catalysts for community-led change. Read More

Peace Corps Week: Commemorating Kennedy’s Dream

A man stands behind a podium; his bright blue eyes glistening with an eager objective. His perfectly coifed copper hair gleams beneath glaring press room lights. He glances up from his notes at a room that brims with ardent reporters and photographers like a too-full glass. The reporters gaze at the man from behind iconic wayfarers, pens and paper at the ready. The man looks almost omnipotent; transcendent and sublime. He is about to announce something big. He seems to be looking each reporter in the eye, as if saying, “You won’t forget this day.” Read More