On Moroccan Bathhouses and Loving Myself

On Moroccan Bathhouses and Loving Myself

Like many young women in their early twenties, I struggle with body image and the harsh constraints of Western beauty standards. For years, I was too hard on myself for eating that cookie, or for enjoying two scoops of ice cream—convincing myself that the reason for my fastidiousness toward food was for my own health. It’s a constant roar of guilt in the back of my mind, and since coming to Morocco, I’ve learned to silence the roar—or at least reduce the volume. Read More

How to Love Your Libraries from Abroad

How to Love Your Public Libraries from Abroad

Public Libraries.

They are accessible to the general public; they are funded by the general public, and the card beneath my henna-stained nail is the key to more knowledge and entertainment than you’ll ever need. Read More

Peace Corps Service: 22% Loaded

Peace Corps Service: 22% Loaded

Six months ago, I left the only home I had ever known to seek a stark, new life for myself—an intrepid act that I will probably never completely understand. The vision of my mom sobbing into my dad’s chest as I crossed the threshold into this new reality haunted me for days. “What am I doing? How could I possibly put my family through this,” I thought to myself as I boarded my one-way flight. Read More

Amazigh New Year celebrations in Morocco - Is the year 2017 or 2967?

Is the year 2017 or 2967?

It’s actually both, and I know what you’re thinking: “This Abbie person is CRAZY. The year is definitely 2017.”

You’re undeniably correct, but only in terms of the Gregorian calendar, which is the most widely used calendar internationally. The Gregorian calendar is an adaptation of Julius Caesar’s Julian calendar, which has a fixed year comprised of 365 days, divided between 12 months. However, a myriad of calendars exist and tend to be labeled within the confines of these four categories: lunisolar, solar, lunar, and seasonal. Read More

Holidays in Morocco - Moroccan Mondays: Mawlid an-Nabi

Moroccan Mondays: Mawlid an-Nabi

The Peace Corps has three main goals, with the Third Goal focusing on bringing our host countries to our readership. With that being said, understanding my host country is exceedingly important to me, and one of my own goals is to bring a deeper understanding of everything Morocco to all of my readers. “Moroccan Mondays” are blog posts specifically catered to educating all of you about my host country, not necessarily the Peace Corps.

Yesterday, December 11th, was the first day of the next two years of my life. Read More