Empowering young women - International Women's Day 2017: #BeBoldForChange

International Women’s Day 2017: #BeBoldForChange

Happy International Women’s Day (IWD)!

Pictured above: My host sister Asmae in Asilah

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Living abroad - Androcentrism in Morocco

Androcentrism in Morocco

Androcentrism (Ancient Greek, ἀνήρ, “man, male”) is the practice, conscious or otherwise, of placing male human beings or a masculine point of view at the centre of one’s world view, culture, and history.

Agourai, the place where I live, is a beautiful, charming town on the outskirts of Meknes. It’s a place where one can find donkeys, and cats, and tractors, oh my. However, living here isn’t always easy. Morocco is ultimately a man’s country; they dominate the home and the streets. Women avoid going out at night due to an innate fear of harassment, and parents often forbid their daughters from attending local youth centers for this very reason. Women rarely walk alone because they might be perceived as prostitutes, and when they do, they tend to look down. Read More

Teaching - First Practicum Activity: Simu Gal (Simon Says)

First Practicum Activity: Simu Gal (Simon Says)

Note: “9” denotes a throaty “K” sound in Darija, or Moroccan Arabic.

“Simu gal, 9is nose dyalk,” I shouted at the roomful of eager-looking teenage girls.

Glancing at one another through bashful giggles, they shot their hands to their noses.

Immediately noticing how quickly they learned the words I taught them, I attempted to trick them:

“9is head dyalk,” I exclaimed.

A few girls touched their heads, then immediately realized I didn’t say, “Simu gal.”

Through hysterical laughter, the girls who didn’t touch their heads immediately pointed at the girls who did, and shouted, “Gilsi,” or “Sit down!” Read More

Interesting Insta: Michelle in Morocco

“Interesting Insta” is a blog post series that exhibits my shameless love for Instagram with some cross-cultural context. #Enjoy!

As most of us are aware, First Lady Michelle Obama’s own Let Girls Learn initiative has been an overwhelming success in a number of Peace Corps countries. However, she’s eager to do more (because she’s amazeballs). Along with her daughters, mother, Meryl Streep, and Freida Pinto, FLOTUS traversed to Liberia, Morocco, and Spain on her mission to “let girls learn.” Read More

Let Girls Learn

Letting Even More Girls Learn: The Peace Corps Announces Twenty-Three New ‘Let Girls Learn’ Countries

In 2015, First Lady Michelle Obama and the Peace Corps formed a powerful collaboration called Let Girls Learn. It has successfully shed light on the fact that globally, 62 million girls are not in school, with less than 10% of teenage girls completing secondary school in some countries. The Let Girls Learn initiative has empowered local leaders to put lasting solutions in place, and Peace Corps Volunteers have worked at the grassroots level as catalysts for community-led change. Read More