My Peace Corps Timeline

The Big Decision: June 2nd, 2015: This blog post marks where it all began. I’ve been calling it my “inaugural post,” and at this point, I have submitted my application, medical history, and have taken the soft skills questionnaire.

An Enticing Email: June 20th, 2015: In this blog post, I write about an email I received from the Peace Corps Placement Office. I am given confirmation from Peace Corps Ecuador, stating they will review my application and potentially get ahold of me for an interview.

An Interview Awaits: August 11th, 2015: In this post, I write that I have been selected for an interview. I also discuss the new Peace Corps application process and the Third Goal of Peace Corps Volunteers.

Date of Interview: September 1st, 2015: I have my interview with my Placement Officer via Skype. It lasts approximately one hour. Find interview tips in my post, “Preparing for the Infamous Interview.”

The Invitation: September 24th, 2015: I receive, and accept, my invitation to serve as a Peace Corps Volunteer.

Legal Kit: October 15th, 2015: I submit my fingerprint charts and the National Agency Check questionnaire two weeks after accepting my invitation.

The Paper Trail Is Rocky: December 9th, 2015: My medical and dental tasks go up on October 30th, I submit them on December 4th and receive medical clearance on December 9th.

Ecuador Earthquake: April 16th, 2016: A magnitude-7.8 earthquake strikes Ecuador’s central coast, killing hundreds and injuring thousands.

The Call: April 20th, 2016: Peace Corps Headquarters calls me, notifying me that the Peace Corps training center in Ecuador has sustained damaged from the earthquake. I am told that my Ecuador cohort has been canceled, and that I’ll receive a reassignment within the week.

The Invitation: April 25th, 2016: I receive and accept an invitation to serve as a Youth Asset Builder in Morocco’s Youth Development sector. Read about my reassignment journey here.

Clearance: April 26th, 2016: I am already medically cleared for Ecuador, so they re-clear me for Morocco very quickly. Peace Corps Headquarters still has my passport, and a visa is not necessary in Morocco.

It Just Got Real: August 19th, 2016: I contact Peace Corps’ travel agency to arrange my flight to Philadelphia where staging will be held on September 19th.

Staging: September 19th, 2016: All 109 Peace Corps Morocco Trainees meet in Philadelphia for icebreakers and activities.

Departure: September 20th, 2016: I depart for Morocco and begin my three months of training. 

Swearing-In Ceremony: December 9th, 2016: After 12 weeks of rigorous training, I swear in as a bonafide Peace Corps Volunteer and depart for my final site.


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