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Abbie graduated from Lewis-Clark State College in the spring of 2016 with a bachelor’s degree in Biology and a minor in Spanish. She grew up in a small Idaho town (see awesome sunset above), and to her dismay, has never lived elsewhere. While in college, she worked as a science tutor, as a lifeguard, and as a genetics research assistant, where she essentially played the role of matchmaker for some frisky fruit flies. She volunteered at her town’s free clinic, where she prepared medications, shadowed physicians, and gave health presentations to patients. After Peace Corps, she hopes to pursue a Master’s of Public Health with an emphasis on global health.

Currently, Abbie is working at a youth center in Morocco, where she shares her love of learning with a gaggle of eager students. In her free time, you can find her jogging (slowly), reading in excess, wasting entire days in quaint cafes, taking naps at parties, and admiring craft beers ad nauseam. She also considers herself a tea aficionado, was once described as having a “gangly elegance,” and apparently likes talking about herself in third person.

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  1. My nephew Jonathan is also in the Peace Corps, in Ghana. He is helping almond farmers.

    My husband Andy and I visited Lewiston/Clarkston a few years ago when we traveled the Lewis & Clark trail. We took the jet boat ride up the river and also drove the winding road up the steep hill across the river from town. We also toured Morocco (for only four days) ten years ago and went to Tangier, Rabat, Meknes, Fes, and Chefchaouen. It is a fascinating country and I wish we had spent more time there, but it was only a bus trip from Spain, where we were spending the winter in a small RV. I loved the exotic markets and medinas.

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    • Hi
      Great story and so nice to see someone your age that’s educated but not just running away from life to “earn online income”. Helping others is a lost art and with the crap going on in the homeland these days it’s awesome to see you act as a model citizen for young people. Thanks for finding our blog. I look forward to perusing through yours and wish you all the best
      Rob and Diane

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        • I almost want to do a post on you and your story and they to share it in the USA. My friend is a Pulitzer Prize winning ex journalist that coveted the financial desk and many other things for NBC and others . He could probably get the story some publicity from his network. I think it’s so important to show the angry nation a really positive story about your generation. Let me know if you have any interest and if so I will email him and I quote

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  2. Great job Abbie! The good thing about volunteering is that you get more than you give. What I mean is that the experience and the extraordinary people you meet while volunteering are really priceless; so consider yourself rich because this is the new way to measure people’s wealth – by the amount of love they are willing to give! 🙂
    I met another young American woman who spent two years of her life volunteering in the Philippines. Someone else in your comments mentioned that you should share your story to motivate other people to do the same. Yes, I totally agree, I’m really impressed by the number of highly motivated and compassionate young people in Western countries. The world is changing for the better and you are giving us your precious contribute: thank you and keep it up!

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  3. What a wonderful blog Abbie! I wish you all the best in Morocco. I know first hand what it’s like to work on aid projects abroad. You have such a positive approach to what you do. I’m sure you’ll go far.

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  4. I’m thrilled to see how far you have come on your journey. Reading your posts about Morocco brings back such warm memories of our all too brief time there. I wish you all the very best and look forward to following along on your adventures 🙂

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  5. Thank you for looking at my Blog. I look forward to reading more about your adventures, and wow I am so impressed with all you have done and are doing, good luck to you. Please do take care of yourself, best wishes from me.

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