An Enticing Email

It has been almost three weeks since I submitted my Peace Corps application, and I finally received an incredible email two days ago. My alarm began to scream, and as I pawed at it until it stopped, I noticed an interesting email on my phone. The words “Peace Corps Application Update” graced my screen, and as I wiped the sleep from my eyes, I excitedly opened the email:

Dear Abbie,

We have reviewed your Peace Corps application and have placed you under consideration for Ecuador departing May 2016. Your application is being reviewed by a Placement Specialist. You will be contacted in the coming months if you are selected for an interview and if any additional information is needed. Please note that you are solely under consideration for the Ecuador program at this time. If your application is later considered for a different program within the same “know by” date, you will receive notice.

After reading the word, “Ecuador,” I screamed, jumped out of my bed, and did a moonwalk that could rival Michael Jackson’s… Ok, so I didn’t dance, but I was EXTREMELY excited to read those seven letters. I was hoping for Ecuador because I’ve been studying Spanish nearly every semester since I was in the ninth grade. In fact, I completed my Spanish minor last semester! While I’m fairly good at reading and writing the Spanish language, I’m eager to pick up the spoken language, too. I would love to return from my Peace Corps service speaking fluent Spanish, because I truly believe that knowing Spanish would make me an all-around better healthcare provider.

For those of you who are unaware of the new Peace Corps application process, I was allowed to apply for programs in three different countries. We select our own countries with the logic that we will choose locations where our education and skills will really be utilized. For instance, I chose health-related positions in Ecuador, Uganda, and Rwanda. Ecuador requires prior language experience (Spanish), while Uganda and Rwanda do not. I really do want to serve in the three countries I selected, but like I said earlier, I think a Spanish-speaking country would be the best fit for me.

I’m eager to find out if I’m selected for an interview, but it may take a while.

Stay tuned for now!


One thought on “An Enticing Email

  1. I got that same email!!! 🙂 super exciting. Follow my blog, I’ve posted everything that’s happened for me since I received my email 🙂


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